Coborn’s Receives Rebates for Refrigerated Display Cases

Princeton Public Utilities General Manager Keith Butcher (left) and Energy Services Representative Nancy Kelly (center) present Coborn’s Store Director Logan Marxhausen with a $15,370 rebate check for their energy efficiency efforts. The project included upgrades to their refrigerated coolers. The new coolers have LED lights, efficient motors, and energy-saving doors. In addition to the new […]

Mille Lacs County Fairgrounds Receives LED Rebate

Princeton Public Utilities General Manager Keith Butcher, Princeton Public Utilities Commissioner Greg Hanson, and Energy Services Representative Nancy Kelly presented Mille Lacs County Agriculture Society Board President, Michele McPherson with $3,779 in rebates for upgrading their lighting to energy-efficient LEDs. This project included many buildings. These projects were funded by grants from the MN Dept […]

Plastic Products Receives Custom Rebates

Plastic Products Company Maintenance Supervisor Stacey Ness discusses their new all-electric plastic injection molding machines with Energy Services Representative Nancy Kelly. The company recently received a $3,076 rebate for a new energy-efficient injection molding machine. All-electric machines can reduce energy use by 50-70% compared to older hydraulic machines.

Churches Helping to “See the Light” with LEDs and AMI

Keith Butcher, General Manager Princeton Public Utilities and Princeton Public Utilities Commissioner and 2020 Chair, Greg Hanson presented Paul Brown, Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church, a rebate for converting to LED lamps in the church sanctuary. This effort was led by Jerry Randall (not pictured) who is a member of the Church Facilities Committee at […]

Efficient Manufacturing Means Less Waste and More Profit

Princeton Public Utilities Commissioner and 2020 Chair, Greg Hanson presented Plastics Products Co. Maintenance Supervisor Stacey Ness, and Plant Manager Nate Carlson with a $2,288 rebate check for two recently completed energy efficiency projects. The first project focused on Plastic Product’s compressed air system.  Princeton Public Utilities conducted a free leak survey identifying 29 individual […]

Elim Care and Rehab Center Receives Rebate

Led by Plant Operations Director Mitch Boser, Elim Care and Rehab Center recently converted over 1,000 lamps and fixtures to LEDs. In recognition of their efforts, Princeton Public Utilities provided them with $5,487.99 in energy efficiency rebates. It is estimated that Elim Care will see a $13,000 annual reduction in their utility bills as a […]

Princeton Public Schools Saves Money

Keith Barlage, Director of Buildings and Grounds, led a staff effort to retrofit over 470 lamps and fixtures within the Princeton Public School District. The work was completed in all their facilities including the High School, Middle School, Intermediate School, District Office and parking lots. Princeton Public Utilities provided a rebate of $8,451.52 for this […]

SMMPA Announces SMMPA 2.0: Your Partner for a Bright Energy Future

Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA) today announced its plan to reshape its generation portfolio through the retirement of the Sherco 3 coal-fired power plant and replace it primarily with wind and solar generation. The plan would result in a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions from 2005 levels and 80% carbon-free energy on an annual […]

SMMPA Member Commit to Electric Vehicle Charging Network

ROCHESTER, MN – Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency’s (SMMPA) member municipal utilities have committed to establishing an electric vehicle (EV) charging network to help facilitate the transition to EVs in Greater Minnesota. Participating members will be installing a DC Fast Charger and two dual-port level 2 chargers in each of their communities by the end […]