Payment Options

You may pay your bill by:

Payment Drop-off Location

An after-hours drop-off slot is located at the Princeton Utility Business Office at:

  • 907 1st Street (at the west door)


ACH Automatic Payment Plan

The Automatic Payment Plan is available for your convenience. This convenient payment plan offers payment of your monthly bill through an ACH transfer of funds from your bank account to PPU’s bank account on your due date. You will receive your monthly bill just as you always have, but you won’t have to drop off a payment or send in a check. Please fill out the ACH Form and return it to us with a voided check.  You may contact us at (763) 389-2252 for more information.

Automatic Payment Plan helps:

  • Save Time – Fewer Checks to Write
  • Save Postage
  • Meet commitments – even if you are out of town

Budget Billing Plan

Budget billing allows customers to pay the same amount each month even though the actual bill may vary.


  • Twelve (12) months of service at your current address.
  • Utility payments must be current.
  • Any two (2) late payments will result in removal from the Budget Billing Plan and any remaining account balance becomes due.  If the account has a credit balance, it will be applied to the account.

How to Start or End Budget Billing

Start – Begins in April of each year. Be sure to call us in March to sign-up for the next year.

End – A customer may request to be taken off budget billing at any time by calling us at (763) 389-2252. When budget billing is cancelled, the account balance becomes due. If the account has a credit balance, it will be applied to the account.

Payment Basics

The budget amount is based on the previous year’s average billing. The customer is billed the same amount each month for one year. The budget amount is adjusted annually so it may increase, decrease, or stay the same.