PUC Meeting Format

The Princeton Public Utilities Commission meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 1pm. Due to COVID-19, participants are attending remotely. The meeting will be live-streamed on the Princeton Public Utilities’ Facebook page. We continue to encourage and promote civic engagement. To that end, individuals that wish to have information presented during the open […]

All Princeton Public Utilities’ facilities remain closed to the public until May 4th.

On Wednesday, April 8th, Governor Tim Walz extended the state’s ‘Stay Home’ order until Monday, May 4th.  As a result, all Princeton Public Utilities’ facilities will remain closed to the public until then.  Our staff are still working and can be reached at 763-389-2252 or by email at info@princetonutilities.com.

Spring Hydrant Flushing

Princeton Public Utilities flushes hydrants twice per year, typically in April and October. Flushing creates a scouring velocity in the water mains in order to remove any settled material like manganese. It also serves as a fire hydrant function check and inspection. If discolored water is experienced, it is usually temporary and will clear up […]