Distributed Generation/Net Metering

Notification to Customers

In compliance with Princeton Public Utilities’ adopted rules relating to cogeneration and small power production, Princeton Public Utilities is obligated to interconnect with and purchase electricity from cogenerators and small power producers that satisfy the conditions as a qualifying facility. Princeton Public Utilities is obligated to provide information regarding rates and interconnection requirements free of charge to all interested customers upon request. All interconnections require an application and approval to become a qualifying facility. Any disputes over interconnection, sales, and purchases relative to qualifying facilities should be brought to the Princeton Public Utilities Commission for resolution, per Princeton Public Utilities’ Distributed Generation Rules adopted 03/22/2022. Interested customers should contact Keith Butcher PO Box 218 Princeton MN 55371 or kbutcher@princetonutilities.com or call 763-389-2252

How to obtain an Electrical Permit

If you are digging in MN, dial 811 for Gopher State One Call 48 hours before you dig. The call is free to you. Or log on to: www.gopherstateonecall.org. Then contact a licensed electrician to locate your secondary wires.

An Electrical Inspection Permit and information can be obtained by going to the following State Web Site:

Electrical Inspector Directory