Innovative Fixtures Provide Flexible Lighting at First Bank and Trust

Princeton Public Utilities General Manager Keith Butcher, Princeton Public Utilities Commissioner Greg Hanson, and Energy Services Representative Nancy Kelly presented First Bank and Trust employees Amber Wilkinson, Spencer Bjerga, and Brett Olivo a rebate check for upgrading their lighting. First Bank and Trust is a community bank with a strong commitment to Princeton. They recently completed a full lighting retrofit of all existing lighting to efficient LED lighting. For this project they purchased fixtures with field-adjustable light output, which allows the light level and wattage to be adjusted based on occupant needs – for even more savings. This project received a rebate of $2,235. Estimated annual energy savings provide an additional $2,200 in reduced operating costs. Per Spencer Bjerga, Bank President, “We get lots of positive comments on the new lights from our customers. We also appreciate that we have reduced our maintenance costs because the new lights will last so long.”

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