Process Improvements at Wastewater Treatment Plant Save Big

A collaborative project with the University of Minnesota and staff at Princeton’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) resulted in significant energy savings. The project involved a free site assessment by Jon Vanyo, a wastewater specialist at the University’s Technical Assistant Program. Jon discovered that the sludge aeration blowers are oversized for the current load on the facility and were operating longer than necessary. He recommended installing a timer to cycle the sludge aeration blowers which significantly reduced their run time. The project earned a utility rebate of $3,014 with estimated annual savings of $10,000. Per Chris Klinghagen, “This project was an easy sell and we saw savings on our first bill.”

City of Princeton WWTP Manager Chris Klinghagen and Operator Paul Parsons received a utility rebate check from Energy Services Representative Nancy Kelly, Princeton Public Utilities General Manager Keith Butcher, and Princeton Public Utilities Commissioner Richard Schwartz for an energy efficient blower addition.


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