Princeton 9% Lower than Xcel Energy

Princeton Public Utilities (PPU) conducted a side-by-side analysis of an actual residential bill from an Xcel Energy customer for January and July of 2022.  The results show that this Xcel customer would have saved money for those two months if they lived in Princeton and were served by Princeton Public Utilities. Public power utilities, like […]

Process Improvements at Wastewater Treatment Plant Save Big

A collaborative project with the University of Minnesota and staff at Princeton’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) resulted in significant energy savings. The project involved a free site assessment by Jon Vanyo, a wastewater specialist at the University’s Technical Assistant Program. Jon discovered that the sludge aeration blowers are oversized for the current load on the […]

Custom Project Saving Energy and Reducing Maintenance Costs

Rich Chambers, Facilities Supervisor at Fairview Northland, recently upgraded their vacuum system by installing variable speed drives (VSD) on the motors. Prior to the retrofit, the motors ran at constant speed 24 hours a day. Since the system did not require 24-hour operation, the frequent starts and stops were hard on the motors and caused […]

Energy Efficient Lighting at New Restaurant

Heavenly Fresh, a family-owned restaurant, focuses on providing healthy and nutritious snacks and meals. The restaurant opened in November 2021 and is open from 7 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, and 8 am to 2 pm on Saturday. When the Shilo family took over the space at 900 S Rum River Drive, they […]

Lighting and Refrigeration Equipment Rebates for New Grocery Store

Mike’s Discount Foods opened in November 2021 taking over the old Shopko building at 705 Northland Drive. Prior to opening, the new owners did a complete renovation of the building. They replaced over 1,750 inefficient lamps and fixtures with LED bulbs and fixtures. Mike’s received a utility rebate of $17,000 for the efficient lighting, and […]

PPU Wins Safety Award

NEWS RELEASE: Princeton Public Utilities Wins APPA Safety Award Washington D.C., March 29, 2022— Princeton Public Utilities (PPU) has earned the American Public Power Association’s Safety Award of Excellence for safe operating practices in 2021. The utility earned Honorable Mention in the category for utilities with 15,000-29,999 worker-hours of annual worker exposure. “In our industry, […]