Be Aware of Phone and Email Scams

Utility companies across the country are reporting an increase in scams aimed at customers. We are aware of it happening in Princeton.

Scammers are targeting all classes of customers, but particularly small businesses such as restaurants. In most cases, a scammer calls during busy hours of operation and threatens to disconnect the utility service unless the customer makes a payment immediately.

Scammers are using various tactics to con customers into providing payment. Posing as a utility employee scammers have been known to:

  • Tell the intended victim their account is past due and threaten to disconnect their utility service if they do not make payment immediately.
  • Require victims to pay using a pre-paid debit card.
  • Manipulate called ID to display a number which may actually be your utility’s number. This is called “spoofing.”
  • Email customers phony utility bills that appear to be from an energy provider with an account number, amount due, due date and a link to make the payment.

Protecting personal and financial customer data is a top priority for utilities and we want customers to know how to identify a scam.

Princeton Public Utilities sends a written notice as a reminder to customers regarding a past due bill and a disconnection notice in writing prior to your service being shut off. We also offer several payment options. Be suspicious if a caller insists on the use of a pre-paid debit card or an immediate payment of any kind. HANG UP and contact Princeton Public Utilities at 763-389-2252 to verify your account status and report the attempted scam to local law enforcement. We welcome the call to verify your account status or with any other questions you have.

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