Efficient Manufacturing Means Less Waste and More Profit

Princeton Public Utilities Commissioner and 2020 Chair, Greg Hanson presented Plastics Products Co. Maintenance Supervisor Stacey Ness, and Plant Manager Nate Carlson with a $2,288 rebate check for two recently completed energy efficiency projects.

The first project focused on Plastic Product’s compressed air system.  Princeton Public Utilities conducted a free leak survey identifying 29 individual leaks throughout the system. Repairing those leaks is estimated to have saved Plastic Products approximately $17,000 in annual energy costs. To confirm the impacts, Ness installed a flowmeter in the compressed air system to provide additional confirmation of savings impacts.

The second project involved installing 40 new LED fixtures as part of a major office remodel project (as seen in the picture above).  It is estimated that this will save Plastic Products and additional $900 per year. Princeton Public Utilities is proud to support the success of this 100% employee owned company.

To learn more about Princeton Public Utilities’ electric rebate programs for businesses and residents, please visit us at www.SaveEnergyInPrinceton.com.

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