Churches Helping to “See the Light” with LEDs and AMI

Keith Butcher, General Manager Princeton Public Utilities and Princeton Public Utilities Commissioner and 2020 Chair, Greg Hanson presented Paul Brown, Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church, a rebate for converting to LED lamps in the church sanctuary.

This effort was led by Jerry Randall (not pictured) who is a member of the Church Facilities Committee at Immanuel Lutheran. The primary focus of the initiative was to help reduce the church’s demand costs thereby saving money.  Due to the church’s desire to address the demand portion of their bill, Immanuel Lutheran was one of the first sites in the city to have its electric meters converted to AMI allowing the church to receive information on its consumption in 15-minute increments. Through that analysis, efforts soon focused on the sanctuary. Since the existing pendant fixtures had either 250-watt or 500-watt lamps, converting them to either 25-Watt or 30-Watt lamps resulted in significant reductions in their load. The conversion did require modifications to the fixture base as well as the addition of new dimmers to control the LEDs. Other 150-Watt incandescent lamps in recessed cans were also replaced with 11-Watt LED lamps. The initiative resulted in an 89% reduction in demand.

To reward Immanuel Lutheran for their innovative approach, Princeton Public Utilities provided Paul Brown, Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church, with a rebate check of $1,206.

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