2019 Residential Rate Comparison

Princeton Public Utilities recently completed an analysis of its residential electric rates.  These findings show that Princeton Public Utilities is very competitive with our neighboring utilities.  Princeton Public Utilities ranks 4th (out of seven) with estimated annual costs for a typical Princeton residential customer to be slightly below the utility average.  Attached are the results of this study detailing the utilities investigated and the assumptions used.

This analysis calculated an annual total to address seasonal variation in rates and changing consumption patterns due to air-conditioning.  It also includes bill line items used by various utilities to allow for a full accounting of the cost of service for each utility.  Where possible, the analysis is based on actual bills from the summer and winter using 2019 rates.  The analysis did not include any taxes or fees implemented by separate city, county, or state jurisdictions.

Princeton Public Utilities remains committed to providing competitive rates and services to the Princeton community.

Residential Rate Comparison – 2019

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