Concerned about Paying your Utility Bills this winter?

Bills can pile up just like snow. A Minnesota State law called the “Cold Weather Rule” is designed to protect people who have trouble paying their utility bills in winter. The Cold Weather Rule applies from October 15 to April 15. It states that a municipal utility must not disconnect and must reconnect the utility service of a residential customer during the period between October 15 and April 15 if the disconnection affects the primary heat source and the customer meets the eligibility criteria below:

Customer Eligibility:
1. Your total household income is at or below 50 percent of the state median household income, and
2. You and your utility enter into a payment arrangement that considers the financial resources of your household and you continue to make reasonably timely payments under that agreement.

If you are concerned about being able to pay your utility bill, please contact Princeton Public Utilities at 763-389-2252.

Local agencies listed below offer assistance to people in our area who are having difficulty paying their utility bills.
Lakes and Pines at 1-800-832-6082
Salvation Army at 1-888-301-0643

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