Water Conservation Tips

During this week of warm weather, try to reduce your water use outdoors. Here are a few ways you can do that:
Car washing:
✔️ Use a commercial car wash to clean your car-preferably one that recycles water.
✔️ If washing your car at home, shut off the nozzle in between rinses and use a finer spray that uses less water, and wash the car in the lawn (if possible) instead of the driveway where soap can flow into storm drains.
Lawn watering:
✔️ Try to avoid watering your lawn and only water when needed.
✔️ If lawn irrigation is necessary, do so in the early morning when temps are cooler. Remember, your lawn will come back later in summer even if it looks a bit brown right now.
✔️ Save watering for trees and large shrubs instead.
Learn more about ways you can conserve water.
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